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We use up to date lighting to provide a vibrant effect.

The LED Penguin light (below) is independantly controlled by its own pre-programmed sequence. Sprays of red,blue and green lights provide a moonflower effect that changes to the speed of the music.




The "Sound LAB" Vasto light below can be manually set to three various programmes: Static, Sound activated and constant. Basically, the light can be changed according to the venue's atmosphere and requirements. A "flower" effect of colours, including red,yellow,green,blue and orange gives ample light for most venues.



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 LED lights uses  low energy and are of excellent quality. Mixed with rays of red, blue and green beams of light  they give a great effect to any dance floor.
The Lex Lighting Laser projects fine laser patterns onto the dance floor with a mixture of yellow, red and green
beams of light. This laser looks superb and gives a real nighclub feel and mixed with a smoke machine adds further effect.
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